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Jersey’s New Life

March 15th, 2017

Jersey the dog looking upAfter a long wait, Jersey was placed in an adoptive home in December (2016). The wait was worth it as the home is wonderful and she is an only-dog and they are empty-nesters. Everyone is happy with this success story!


January 21st, 2016

Jersey the dog looking upWhen Peace for Pets first met Jersey, her “human” mom had entered a domestic violence shelter here in Stark County. Sadly, Lucy’s mom will never be able to take her back because she was killed by her abuser not long after she left the shelter…she was not able to make that “fresh start.” Jersey is now an orphan.

When we are unable to reunite a pet with its owner, Peace for Pets seeks an adoptive home for the pet as soon as possible so that they can begin adjusting to their new life.

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