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FERAL CATS TAKING OVER? Humanely and Effectively Control Cat Populations with TNR

March 13th, 2014

Drawing by BZTAT (www.bztatstudios.com)

Feral cat populations are abundant in rural, suburban, and urban areas. Fighting, marking territory, and litter after litter of kittens are trademarks of unaltered feral cat communities. These nuisance behaviors can be eliminated through TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return). Through this method, stray and feral cats are humanely trapped, vaccinated for rabies, and sterilized by a veterinarian. They are then returned to their original habitat.

TNR immediately stabilizes size of the cat colony by eliminating new litters. Nuisance behavior is dramatically lessened simply because the urge to mate has been taken away. The returned cats guard their territory, preventing un-neutered cats from moving in and starting the cycle of overpopulation. When practiced on a community-wide scale, Trap-Neuter-Return reduces the number of cats pouring into local shelters, lowering euthanasia rates.

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